From the “Associació Educativa i Cultural Blue Beehive” for 2023 we plan to carry out pottery workshops with Ibizan motifs to promote this tradition. This year the aim is to cover more disadvantaged groups. The objectives of this activity are:

  • To learn about and promote the traditions and customs of the town of Ibi.
  • To learn about the different traditional techniques for working and making ceramic pieces related to the icons of Ibi.
  • To encourage creativity and imagination.
  • To offer an alternative to the groups with whom we work.
  • To promote leisure time, socialisation and combat loneliness among the elderly.
  • To recover cultural heritage through the use of traditional techniques.

On the other hand, the cultural game “ENFARINA’t“, which has been very well received in schools and other associations where it has been promoted, will be extended.

Even more so with the extension and ways of playing carried out last year. For next year, the questions will be extended by 150 more, which will complete a total of 300 cultural questions from the province of Alicante. Through the trivia game, the cultural questions aim to highlight the culture, customs and traditions of our province.

The objective for 2023 is to give it greater relevance and start to promote it outside Ibi, since, although it is based in Ibi, many towns and villages have already joined the game by means of the sequence of questions about the traditions and customs that have been highlighted in the game.







For this year 2023 we will count on the Ibi Town Council to carry out a more powerful cultural promotion, for this a “ENFARINA’t workshop” will be proposed as if it were a tournament, although it is not intended that the competitive element is the reference, but to promote the game of ENFARINA’t updated with more modalities and cultural questions of the traditions. The aim is for all participants to take their game home free of charge and to reinforce ENFARINA’t as a cultural reference point for learning and preserving the cultural heritage of the traditions and customs of Ibi and our province.

To this end, the game modes will be expanded and the information on the association’s website will be completed in order to offer a greater alternative and cultural journey that the game already offers. It is estimated that 30% of the cultural questions, traditions and customs will be from Ibi and the rest will be collected from towns and cities in the province of Alicante.

For the realization of these workshops-tournament a roll-up will be made to promote the game (tournament) and the games will be distributed among the attendees for free.

Link to the complementary questions ENFARINA’t: