Intolerance and hatred have been hallmarks of human society almost from the beginning of time. Numerous studies have shown that there has been an increase in these attitudes in recent years. On the Internet and on social media, we are both authors and the public, and so far few things prevent us from spreading the word.
Our young people have references to the internet and are not always aware of the amplified dimension of social media and that we can even be perpetrators of hate crimes.
In the same way that it is intended to promote in the school context co-education, interculturality, non-discrimination and equality, democratic values, with the aim of achieving in the same school context, a social climate of coexistence, respect and tolerance.

The aim is to make videos using the “videoscribing” technique in which visual thinking is applied to describe concepts using drawings that a human hand is making.
These types of videos are designed to attract more attention and are especially interesting for young people to look more casual in the use of drawings.


A video has been made for each related group:

  • immigrants,
  • women,
  • people with functional diversity,
  • minority ethnic groups,
  • people with illnesses,
  • people of different religions,
  • different social status,
  • LGTBI community,

Also two videos to complete the training at:

identification of hate crimes and consequences.

  • the voice of those who have been discriminated against,

On the occasion of the celebration on July 22 of the European Day in memory of the victims of hate crimes, a video related to the theme has been developed and spread through social networks:

Project powered by the Vice-Presidency and the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies of the Valencian Community.