Our general aims are:
– To attract interest in natural and cultural heritage, especially in Europe.
– To emphasize the importance of nature as an indispensable element in our lives.
– Applying new methodological tools based on outdoor activities in natural areas with a holistic and multidisciplinary
-The introduction and meaning of tangible and intangible cultural heritage will be explained to the students. Afterwards, studies will be carried out to enable them to become entrepreneurs

In May 2023, this activity will be held in Ibi, Spain, and in Torrevieja, with our school from Turkey and our partners in Italy. In this activity, students and teachers will experience life by using natural resources instead of energy consumption due to excessive use of technology, intertwined with ecological balance. They will analyze the role of ancient natural lifestyles from today’s crowded industrial cities in the environment and Climate change.

Students and teachers will understand the importance of meeting and connecting with nature through these short-term activities and practices. Environmentally friendly designs, digital applications, innovative teaching and learning techniques will emerge where renewable energy sources are used effectively. We will realize the European Sustainable Development Goals with Green Transformation Practices. The concrete outputs of our project will be a result booklet, web page, posters and brochures.

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