2021-1-PL01-KA220-VET- 000033028

Working on new skills such as the Internet of things (connected devices to the internet), and artificial intelligence (voice recognition, image recognition), we have the opportunity to generate new differentiating content “attractive to females” and for students to acquire new skills for the future.

Consortium Will generate applied DEMONSTRATORS focused con AIoT that will be shown in PRIMARY / SECONDARY SCHOOLS, inspiring females to learn STEM Vet careers.


To improve School curricula including new content regulated and approved that adapts to the competences of professional training

To adjust and relate the new content to the current educational system of vocational schools

To develop training material for the future that allows students to acquire new knowledge connected with Artificial Intelligence and that can be applied in their future jobs and in the industry.

To bring out the significant role of women in STEM VET schools.

To fight stereotypes of families, students and teachers

To inspire young girls through role-model education to follow STEM vet schools.

To enhance acquicission of key skills and competencies for STEM vet schools from all students (boys and girls)

To enhance teachers’ skills in the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Create new competencies for the future based on the Internet of Things and the connectivity of objects