We are a multidisciplinary association with specialists from the educational and cultural world. With experts in the incorporation of new technologies and with writers and social and cultural animators with many years of experience in fairs and doing workshops for young and old.
It has the support of the Ibi City Council. Our president has been conducting educational and cultural workshops for more than 10 years, has published three children’s books and regularly participates in reading activities, literary talks and workshops (www.xaronavarro.com). All programs and billboard will be done in Valencian.

IBIRETRAT 2021 (Culture – Valencia Region 2021)

Photographic retrospective of the culture and history of toys and ice cream in Ibi highlighting the influence of women in artistic and creative development.
Purpose: exhibition of photographs that make it possible to approach and give knowledge of history through culture and traditional artistic expressions that have been the identity of Ibi.
• Presentation of the program with the collaboration of the Ibi City Council and local entities that enable citizen participation.
• Compilation of significant historical photographs.
• Gender considerations. Give visibility to women in the artistic development of toys and ice cream culture in Ibi, from the ice trade from cellars to ice creams.

(click on the photo to visit the virtual exhibition)


JOGUETART Y CERÁMICA 2021 (Culture – Valencia Region 2021)

2.1. Toy creation workshop with recycled material.
Purpose: Promote creativity and respect for the environment. Motivate children and young people to make artistic creations from recycled materials.

2.2. IbiCerArt: Iberian ceramics and 3D printing workshop.
Purpose: Highlight the ibense culture and promote artistic expressions. Bringing traditional crafts closer together and not letting the memory of craft trades be lost. Combine with new 3D printing technologies for the elaboration of accessories.