The BLUE BEEHIVE Educational and Cultural Association is a recently created association with the aim of covering those aspects that are not worked on in formal education by promoting service-learning. Formed by a group of enthusiastic teachers of all levels, professionals from intermediate organizations with business experience, educators, free time monitors and experienced volunteers. Our goal is to raise awareness especially among children and young people through active and creative proposals to promote a change of attitudes and behaviors in society, promoting the values ​​of equality, justice and solidarity. From the association we participate in several initiatives, such as talks about technology addictions in young people. Training to avoid bullying and cyberbullying problems, support and ICT training for disadvantaged youth through actions promoted by the Ibi City Council. Reading animation workshops for the youngest. Volunteering in social inclusion through integration courses for immigrants to learn the basic language. Free time monitors who participate in summers in camps for children of families from structured. The volunteers of the Association participate in the school reinforcement initiatives for needy children promoted by the Ibi Town Hall. Our goal is to train young people to develop both in the real world and in the virtual world, applying emotional intelligence in their activities. In our action making talks, workshops, non-formal training, we detect the potential of service-learning as a highly relevant element for young people to be motivated to carry out charitable and altruistic activities. But the promotion of volunteering requires an effort to explain the commitment, the activities that can be carried out, as well as the types of volunteering. Although the volunteer action implies service and, not necessarily learning, at school age, service-learning is especially relevant since it is in this phase where a civic commitment is acquired that will be applied throughout life. Concepts such as solidarity and altruism, the situation of migration, climate change and social inequality, in the coming years, will be increasingly relevant and will be topics that our young people are going to find themselves in their adult stage in an increasingly relevant way. That is why it is intended to carry out an ICT training program to improve the volunteering action of our young people, applying effective tools that help them to Time to work. Inspire young people and support the transformations of the objectives and goals proposed in the 2030 Agenda. An ICT course has been carried out for the volunteers, with the aim of learning to use the appropriate digital tools when carrying out their work. These tools finally implemented have been:
  • Applications to make effective presentations (Epuzle, WiseMapping, Powtoon, Videoscribing)
  • Cooperation and collaboration tools (Trello, Mural)
  • Infographic development (Canva, Genially)
  • Opinion collection software: (Survey Monkey)
  • Generation and recording of videos and screen-casting (OBS Studio)