The main objective of the EducaIgual program is to raise awareness about how it affects various habits, routines, everyday micro-masculinities … which can lead to future gender violence. The association, from its educational and cultural area, has other objectives on this subject, such as motivating and promoting good practices in the treatment and coexistence of young people among themselves, always starting from the basis of empathy. , an aspect that we think is essential to start educating.

The specific objectives of the EducaIgual program are:

– Make more visible the concept of co-responsibility to promote equal opportunities, making visible references that harbor expectations for boys and girls.
– Encourage non-sexist use of language.
– Reflect on stereotypes on social media and the influence they have on young people.
– Identify and reflect on communication in marketing campaigns.
– Reflect on equality education to prevent violent gender behaviors.

The technique called “video scribe” will be used in the elaboration of the videos, in which a hand draws and visually explains concepts.


The videos will last about 3-4 minutes and the theme will be:
– Co-responsibility and equal opportunities.

– Non-sexist use of language.

– Stereotypes on social networks.

– Marketing campaigns.

– Violent gender behaviors.

Each video involves a methodical production process where you have to prepare and identify the key ideas, prepare a script, develop the graphic section and develop it in the “video scribe” software.

To disseminate the results, in addition to posting videos on YOUTUBE. They will also take part in the form of educational pills in TIKTOK, a social network that is successful among young people. At least two versions of each video will be made for TIKTOK