Our province is very rich in culture, traditions and customs. Nowadays there is no one who doubts it, but it is true that, sometimes, we forget what is next and we tend to think that what is further away is almost always better, either due to ignorance or for boredom.

Currently, with the Covid pandemic, restrictions, perimeter closures and more, we believe that it is a good time to:

-Know and explore nearby and affordable environments (of course, always complying with the appropriate anti-Covid measures).

-Take advantage of and enjoy as much time as possible as a family, knowing those traditions and customs that the game will undoubtedly make them aware of.

From the Blue Beehive Educational and Cultural Association we want to promote these two objectives and a good way to do it, we believe that it can be through the knowledge of the precious value that culture, those traditions and customs have. For this reason, we think that a good culture program can be the creation of a game for the general public called “Enfarina’t” whose main objective is to promote the culture, traditions and customs of the province of Alicante.

From the association we believe that this playful, fun and, above all, educational game can serve as a good tool to learn more about the customs, culture and traditions of our province and take advantage of all its possibilities.