In Spain, law 45/2015, of October 14, on Volunteering defines a list of 10 types of volunteering that, combined with the objectives set in the 2030 Agenda, are the basis of our program to create content aimed at young people aged 13 to 18 years especially so that they are aware of the challenges posed by the 2030 Agenda itself, the importance of volunteering to achieve the objectives and goals set, as well as the awareness that is intended to be achieved in the population to end poverty, alleviate change climate, address migration, inequalities and serve the most disadvantaged.

For this, in the project (powered by Ibi Municipality), 10 videos of no less than three minutes will be made where the different types of volunteering will be explained. These videos will be made using the “videoscribing” technique, in which a hand draws the content on a white background, using “visual thinking” techniques to make videos more attractive to young people.

These educational videos will be licensed under copyleft Creative Commons and may be used by all those interested, respecting the authorship, not being commercial videos. These videos will be available on YouTube so that other associations or volunteers can use them. Other social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok will also be used, which will increase the impact.

The 10 areas of volunteering action on which the videos


will be developed will be:

0. Kind of Volunteering

1. Social Volunteering.

2. International volunteering for development cooperation.

3. Environmental volunteering.

4. Cultural volunteering.

5. Sports volunteering.

6. Educational volunteering.

7. Social-health volunteering.

8. Leisure and free time volunteering.

9. Community volunteering.

10. Civil protection volunteering.