This project aims to contribute to the objectives set by the 2030 Agenda agreed by the UN Assembly and adopted by the member countries of the European Union as a reference for states and citizens.

Specifically in its “Goal 4.4 COMPETENCES TO ACCESS EMPLOYMENT”, which establishes “to increase with great capacity the number of young people and adults who have the necessary skills, in particular technical and professional, to access employment, decent work and entrepreneurship ” .

On the other hand, in accordance with the guidelines set by the New Skills Agenda for Europe (2016), in their progress report published in February 2019, they set out the ways to improve skills in three key steps:

1- Assessment of skills, to locate additional training that is needed.

2- Learning offer, adapted to the needs.

3- Validation and recognition.

These same steps will be used in this project.


The objectives are:

– Improve employability through the action of non-formal education that we offer.

– Generate synergies with expert partners who can obtain intangibles that improve our training as trainers.

– Generate an e-learning platform that includes the main topics so that young people can train.

– Work with a target group that allows, on the one hand, to improve our action thanks to their feedback and, on the other, to measure the increase in their knowledge.