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The aim of the project is to develop an innovative model of online art education for adults who want to develop their creativity and, consequently, their entrepreneurship, and for adults belonging to groups at risk of exclusion, i.e. seniors, the disabled or the unemployed, for whom access to art education online will also contribute to the growth of their self-esteem and social inclusion, using new technologies and marketing tools. The project is to respond to the challenges currently facing artists-educators who want to conduct educational activities on the Internet:
  • how to conduct attractive and effective artistic classes,
  • how to effectively commercialize educational activities with the principles of solidarity economy,
  • how to reach potential recipients and how to promote your activities,
  • how to choose the right equipment and fully use its potential.
The target group of our project are artists-educators deprived of earning opportunities due to the pandemic. These are people who are not afraid of innovation in their actions, who, when implementing their activities, think more broadly than assumed by the basic assumptions resulting from the methods of non-formal education, and who previously did not have an effective technological tool for working with young people. The target group also includes adults participating in online art classes who will directly benefit from participating in the project.

An important goal of the project is to use the mechanisms of the solidarity economy in activities aimed at artistic education and stimulating the creativity of adults in order to activate professionally and socially artists who, as a result of the pandemic, have become a group at risk of exclusion due to the loss of standard sources of income. The target group are also adults who, through direct participation in the project, will be able to develop their creativity and digital and social competences, and we will also enable them to participate in a trip abroad.

Adults participating in the project will be divided into two categories of recipients: adults whose creativity will be stimulated and will lead to an increase in entrepreneurship and possibly ultimately job creation, and people who do not have to work, however, stimulating their creativity will increase the sense of their value and will contribute to counteracting exclusion, e.g. seniors, people with disabilities, unemployed and not very entrepreneurial in this respect. Our project is innovative because it leads to the creation of new ways of using tools and methods of work for artists-educators and adults (who want to stimulate their creativity and entrepreneurship and those at risk of social exclusion) in the field of art, who have been deprived of direct contact with the recipients of their artistic activities. The benefits of art for human development are well documented.

From advancing brain function and motor skills to managing emotional expression. Art is fundamental to improving the lives and ambitions of a global society. It can boost people's self-confidence and help nurture their emotional intelligence while instilling and strengthening the problem-solving skills that will underpin development. During the project implementation, interactive guides, webinars, virtual workshops and essentials will be created in cooperation with artist-educators and intended for use by them in activities for artistic education and stimulating the creativity of adults.

Together with partner organizations from Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia, we will work to support the development and improvement of tools and methods of non-formal education and stimulate creativity in the face of the need to adapt to dynamically changing conditions. An Interactive Tool of Creativity will be created, constituting a collection of necessary technological tools and substantive guidelines for artists-educators and adults who want to transfer their activities to the Internet. The toolkit will be in the form of a website.

It will include: links to generally available tools and applications enabling effective remote artistic education, tutorials enabling the use of the full potential of tools and applications, methodology of conducting artistic classes online, editable marquees of conducting workshops and scenarios that will be a model way of using tools created in cooperation with artists -educators, tips on conducting effective marketing activities aimed at implementing the mechanisms of solidarity economy in supporting the economization of the activities of participants and recipients, a manual containing a set of good practices on artistic education.


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