Upskilling disadvantaged, immigrant, migrant and refugee women with vital skills required for integration and to gain
employment (Skills4Women)

Project Number: 2023-1-PT01-KA210-ADU-000151682

Skills4Women project is an Erasmus funded project aimed at upskilling disadvantaged, migrant and refugee women with vital skills required for integration and to gain employment within the countries they currently reside.Everyone should have an equal chance when trying to gain employment, no matter their background, whether this be gender, age, etc.


The objectives of the Skills4Women project is to provide unemployed women, especially but not limited to disadvantagedimmigrantmigrantand refugees, with the skillsknowledgeand confidencethey need in order to gain employment within the country they are currently living in. This can be harder for immigrants, migrants and refugees as they are often not familiar with the employment sector within their new country and new culture.

The objectives to be achieved as a result of this project are for inclusion and diversity, social inclusion, development of skills and to help overcome barriers within a new country and provide the materials and skills needed to gain employment. Not only will this project target immigrant, migrant and refugee women, it will also have a focus on women with fewer opportunities.



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